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Thursday May 9, 2024

Club Mission: We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.


Valerie Richardson

VP of Education
Nadia Lam

VP of Membership
Joseph Armonle

VP of Public Relations
Joseph Armonle

Alondra Sánchez, EH5, CC, CL

Alondra Sánchez, EH5, CC, CL

Sgt. at Arms
Mary Ellen Pataro, PM5, EH5, PI2

Immediate Past President
Mary Ellen Pataro, PM5, EH5, PI2

Youth Leadership Program
Mary Ellen Pataro, PM5, EH5, PI2

Alyssa Tan, ACB, CL

Social Media Manager
Adele Fuzaylov, CC, CL

Club Mentor
Joseph Esler, DTM



8:00 to 8:03 PM
Presiding Officer Valerie Richardson


Mark your calendars for May 17, 2024! The Pathways training team is offering a Basic Pathways (and Base Camp) seminar

DATE:    May 17, 2024 (a Friday)
TIME:    6:45 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. (ET) The meeting will start promptly at 7:00 p.m.
(please log on at 6:45 p.m. to chat and check your Zoom settings)

The registration link is:

More information:

First-time guest(s):

Newest member(s):

Meeting Roles

8:03 to 8:12 PM
Toastmaster Isabelle Juan


Laugh out Loud

Timer Joseph Esler, DTM
Grammarian/Ah-Counter Valerie Richardson

Word of the Day:

Body Language Monitor Isabelle Juan
Quizmaster Joseph Armonle
General Evaluator
Table Topicsmaster Nadia Lam
Humorist/Inspirationist Alyssa Tan, ACB, CL

Prepared Presentations (e.g., speeches, stand-up comedy routines, films, etc.)

8:12 to 8:27 PM

Toastmaster introduces presenter(s).

Presenter 1 Joseph Armonle
Presenter 2 Mary Ellen Pataro, PM5, EH5, PI2

Table Topics (e.g., impromptu speaking, improv comedy games, etc.)

8:27 to 8:42 PM

Toastmaster introduces Table Topicsmaster.
Table Topicsmaster introduces Table Topics Participant(s).

Table Topics Participant 1 Isabelle Juan
Table Topics Participant 2 Alyssa Tan, ACB, CL
Table Topics Participant 3 Joseph Armonle
Table Topics Participant 4 Mary Ellen Pataro, PM5, EH5, PI2
Table Topics Participant 5 Joseph Esler, DTM
Table Topics Participant 6


8:42 to 8:49 PM

Toastmaster introduces evaluator(s).

Evaluator 1
Evaluator 2 Joseph Esler, DTM


8:49 to 8:55 PM

Toastmaster calls for reports from supporting roles.

Body Language Monitor
General Evaluator


8:55 to 8:59 PM

Toastmaster makes closing remarks and turns meeting over to Presiding Officer.

Presiding Officer asks first-time guest(s) to share feedback and adjourns meeting.

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