Tragicomedy Toastmasters Meeting

Thursday December 28, 2023 8:00 PM EST to 9:00 PM EST



Presiding Officer Alondra Sánchez, EH5, CC, CL
Opens meeting and introduces Toastmaster.

Presiding Officer Role Description



We are rolling out our Youth Leadership Program tonight. Let’s welcome our newest Youth Leadership Program members, Joel and Jason Rock! 


Zeffy has finally been launched! Please check your inbox and confirm with our Treasurer that you have received the requested club membership/renewal payment link(s).

First-time guest(s):

1) Jason Rock
2) Joel Rock

Newest member(s):

Meeting Roles

Toastmaster Alondra Sánchez, EH5, CC, CL
Explains theme and introduces supporting roles.

Toastmaster Role Description


Future Leaders

Timer Alyssa Tan, ACB, CL

Timer Role Description

Grammarian Valerie Richardson (guest)

Grammarian/Ah-Counter Role Description

Word of the Day:



The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness; “he is known to be a man of integrity.”

Body Language Monitor Nadia Lam

Body Language Monitor Role Description

Quizmaster Nadia Lam

Quizmaster Role Description

General Evaluator Alyssa Tan, ACB, CL

General Evaluator Role Description

Table Topicsmaster Margaret Gerhart

Table Topicsmaster Role Description

Humorist Inspirationist Carol Stead, EH4, IP3, PM1, ACB, CL

Humorist/Inspirationist Role Description

Prepared Presentations (e.g., speeches, stand-up comedy routines, films, etc.)

Toastmaster introduces presenter(s).

Presenter 1 Mary Ellen Pataro, PM5, EH5, PI2
Presenter 2 Open

Presenter Role Description

Pathways Project Evaluation Forms

Table Topics (e.g., impromptu speaking, improv comedy games, etc.)

Toastmaster turns meeting over to Table Topicsmaster.
Table Topicsmaster introduces Table Topics Participant(s).

Table Topics Participant 1 Alyssa Tan, ACB, CL
Table Topics Participant 2 Nadia Lam
Table Topics Participant 3 Jason Rock (guest)
Table Topics Participant 4 Joel Rock (guest)
Table Topics Participant 5 Valerie Richardson
Table Topics Participant 6 Open

Table Topics Participant Role Description

Volunteer ahead of time to participate in Table Topics by signing up above!


Toastmaster introduces evaluator(s).

Evaluator 1 Carol Stead, EH4, IP3, PM1, ACB, CL
Evaluator 2 Open

Evaluator Role Description


Toastmaster calls for reports from supporting roles.

Body Language Monitor
General Evaluator


Toastmaster makes closing remarks and turns meeting over to Presiding Officer.

Presiding Officer asks first-time guest(s) to share feedback and adjourns meeting.

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