Tragicomedy Toastmasters Meeting

Thursday November 30, 2023 8:00 PM EST



Presiding Officer Mary Ellen Pataro, PM5, EH5, PI2
Opens meeting and introduces Toastmaster.

Presiding Officer Role Description


The Club Success Plan date has been changed; the update will be announced shortly. We have great news: our eight-week Youth Leadership Program will launch soon. Joseph, Alondra, and I have new email addresses:, which Joseph did a fabulous job to make happen! Thank you!

First-time guest(s):

1. Pablo Orsolani
2. Zac Owens

Newest member(s):

Meeting Roles

Toastmaster Alyssa Tan, ACB, CL
Explains theme and introduces supporting roles.

Toastmaster Role Description


Reading and Storytelling

Timer Joseph Esler, DTM

Timer Role Description

Grammarian/Ah-Counter Alondra Sánchez, EH5, CC, CL

Grammarian/Ah-Counter Role Description

Word of the Day:

eloquence [ˈe lə kwən(t)s]

n. eloquence: The quality of delivering a clear, strong message when speaking and/or writing.

“Great reading and storytelling is most enjoyable when it possesses a certain level of eloquence.”

Body Language Monitor Joseph Esler, DTM

Body Language Monitor Role Description

Quizmaster Carol Stead, EH4, IP3, PM1, ACB, CL

Quizmaster Role Description

General Evaluator Mary Ellen Pataro, PM5, EH5, PI2

General Evaluator Role Description

Table Topicsmaster Nadia Lam

Table Topicsmaster Role Description

Humorist/Inspirationist Lucy Giammarco, EH1

Humorist/Inspirationist Role Description

Prepared Presentations (e.g., speeches, stand-up comedy routines, films, etc.)

Toastmaster introduces presenter(s).

Presenter 1 Alondra Sánchez, EH5, CC, CL
Presenter 2 Open

Presenter Role Description

Pathways Project Evaluation Forms

Table Topics (e.g., impromptu speaking, improv comedy games, etc.)

Toastmaster turns meeting over to Table Topicsmaster.
Table Topicsmaster introduces Table Topics Participant(s).

Table Topics Participant 1 Pablo Orsolani (guest)
Table Topics Participant 2 Joseph Esler, DTM
Table Topics Participant 3 Mary Ellen Pataro, PM5, EH5, PI2
Table Topics Participant 4 Open
Table Topics Participant 5 Open
Table Topics Participant 6 Open

Table Topics Participant Role Description

Volunteer ahead of time to participate in Table Topics by signing up above!


Toastmaster introduces evaluator(s).

Evaluator 1 Margaret Gerhart
Evaluator 2 Open

Evaluator Role Description


Toastmaster calls for reports from supporting roles.

Body Language Monitor
General Evaluator


Toastmaster makes closing remarks and turns meeting over to Presiding Officer.

Presiding Officer asks first-time guest(s) to share feedback and adjourns meeting.

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