Taking on this role is the best way to hone your public speaking skills, bar none. The Presenter is the meeting’s role model. Each club member learns the most from giving presentations.

Prepare Presentation

  • Before the meeting, prepare your presentation as follows:
    • Choose a Pathways project path and evaluation form:
      → Your presentation can be a speech, a stand-up comedy routine, a film, a stage monologue, a musical performance, or anything that accomplishes the dramatic arts mission of Tragicomedy Toastmasters.
      → If it is one of your first three presentations, contact your mentor to rehearse and for any other assistance.
      → If you need to be assigned a mentor, contact the Vice President of Education:
    • Fill out the Pathways evaluation form with the following:
      → Member Name: your name.
      → Date: The date you will give your presentation.
      → Evaluator: The name of the Evaluator according to the Signup Sheet.
      → Speech Title: The title of your presentation.
    • Email both the Evaluator and Toastmaster according to the Signup Sheet:
      1. Your completed Pathways evaluation form.
      2. Your 2-3 sentence introduction:
        → Something very brief about you.
        → A teaser for your presentation.
        → Anything specific you would like the attendees to focus on in their feedback.
      3. Trigger warnings according to the Trigger Warning List (borrowed from Harvard Summer School’s DRAM S-22).
  • Check out Alyssa Tan’s presentation on how to be a good presenter:

Give Presentation

  • During the meeting, the Toastmaster explains the Theme and introduces you.
  • Give your presentation while incorporating the Toastmaster’s Theme and the Grammarian/Ah-Counter’s Word of Day.
  • Relax and have fun!

Get Feedback

  • At the end of the meeting, the Toastmaster calls on the Evaluator.
  • Listen carefully to the evaluation:
    • All constructive feedback is intended to help you grow.
    • Keep doing anything the Evaluator says works well.