Taking on this role allows you to develop your sense of humor and/or inspiration. The role of the Humorist/Inspirationist is a warmup act for the prepared presentations. It is typically one to two minutes long. There is no set format for this role other than to say something entertaining and positive.

Explain Role

  • At the beginning of the meeting, the Toastmaster explains the Theme and introduces you.
  • Briefly explain your role as the Humorist/Inspirationist while incorporating both the Toastmaster’s Theme and the Grammarian/Ah-Counter’s Word of the Day.

Humor and/or Inspire

  • Immediately after explaining your role, share your humor and/or inspiration.
  • Your primary duty is to get everyone’s undivided attention in the spirit of the Theme:
    • You are setting the stage for the prepared presentations.
    • Strive to be both interesting and uplifting.
    • Be sure to incorporate the Grammarian/Ah-Counter’s Word of the Day.
  • Check out Adele Fuzaylov’s presentation on how to be a good Humorist/Inspirationist:

  • The subject can be anything you choose. Here are some suggestions:
    • Something that happened to you:
      → It can be a brief story.
      → It can be very recent or from a long time ago.
    • Something you read or something someone told you about:
      → It can be a humorous/inspirational person you know or knew, or you have read about.
      → It can be a humorous/inspirational film, play, song, or work of art you have experienced.
    • Be adventurous:
      → It can be physical comedy like a slapstick film.
      → It can be physical activity like a relaxation exercise.
    • Practice effective communication skills—think about your stance, vocal variety, gestures, and eye contact as you forge a connection with the audience.
  • You can be just humorous, just inspiring, or a combination of humorous/inspiring.
  • Keep your entire role, including the explanation, to 1-2 minutes.
  • Have fun!