Mentorship Program

Mentors provide members with help and practical advice, such as tips on preparing speeches and on club roles and responsibilities. They encourage protégés to grow as leaders and offer them reassurance if they hit a rough patch. Whether a member is new or experienced, struggling or thriving, everyone can benefit from working with a mentor. And the process is mutually beneficial, because it challenges both the mentor and protégée to share, trust, and collaborate.

Get Mentored

Become a Mentor

  • Upon completing your first three presentations and evaluations, give back to Tragicomedy Toastmasters by becoming a mentor.
  • To be assigned as a mentor, contact the Vice President of Education:
  • You will generally have up to three mentees at a time.
  • In exchange for your service, you receive a Mentor Certificate.
  • Be sure to mentor your mentees to become mentors.