Vice President of Public Relations

You promote the club to the global community about benefits it provides. You update web content and safeguard the Toastmasters brand identity (i.e., you are the club’s primary Webmaster). It is your job to notify the media whenever your club does something newsworthy. As the Vice President of Public Relations, you will find yourself maintaining the club’s presence via social media and at various key places on the Internet. Stay current on all new developments via the Leader Letter, Toastmaster magazine, and the announcements on the Toastmasters website and social media. Clubs often combine the Vice President of Public Relations role with the Vice President of Membership.

Recruit Guests

  • Your overarching duty is to convert interests into guests of Tragicomedy Toastmasters.
  • Interests contact our club in various ways:
    • “New prospective member for your club” emails from Toastmasters International’s Find a Club page
    • “RSVP YES for Toastmasters Meeting” emails from Tragicomedy Toastmasters’s Welcome page
    • Calls, voicemails, and text messages to your phone number
    • People you know as friends, family, coworkers, classmates, etc.
    • People who just join our weekly Toastmasters meetings via Zoom without contacting us first—be sure to chat with those folks through a private Zoom message to get their contact info
  • They can be new to Toastmasters, former Toastmasters, or current Toastmasters.
  • Be responsive in all communication with interests.
  • You sometimes serve as the Presiding Officer who opens and closes club meetings.

Orient Guests

  • Make sure guests know they have the opportunity to do the following:
    • Introduce themselves at the beginning of the meeting (say their name, how they heard about our club, and what they are looking to get out of Toastmasters).
    • Participate in Table Topics during the middle of the meeting.
    • Share feedback at the end of the meeting.
  • The Vice President of Membership is your partner in crime:
    • Update the “First-time guest(s)” section of next week’s agenda so the first-time guest can be recognized at that meeting.
    • Let the Vice President of Membership know which guests are prospective members.
  • Identify your successor and help that person become the next Vice President of Public Relations.

Our current Vice President of Public Relations is Mary Ellen Pataro, PM5, EH5, PI1. You can email Mary Ellen at