As the Secretary, you maintain all club records, manage club files, handle club correspondence, and take the minutes at each club and executive committee meeting. You are also in charge of updating and distributing a roster of the current paid membership, and keeping the club officer list current at World Headquarters. Clubs often combine the Secretary role with the Treasurer.

Track Club Quality

  • Your overarching duty is providing quality assurance.
  • If you feel something either works well or has an opportunity for improvement at weekly club meetings, make note of it in your minutes.
  • Keep track of everything that goes on at club officer meetings in your minutes.

Handle CLub Correspondence

  • You are club steward and messenger; whenever an issue arises, you are expected to manage the correspondence.
  • Your partner in crime is the Treasurer—work closely with the Treasurer to keep the list of paid members up to date on these pages:
  • Identify your successor and help that person become the next Secretary.

Our current Secretary is Alondra Sánchez, EH5, CC, CL You can email Alondra at