As the person who sets the tone for the club, you are expected to provide helpful, supportive leadership for all of the club’s activities. You motivate, make peace, and facilitate as required. Though you must occasionally step in and make a difficult decision, rarely do so without consulting club members and other club officers. Strive to show respect for all members and guests, even when you do not agree with them, and provide leadership for all. Stay current on all new developments via the Leader Letter and the announcements on the Toastmasters website.

  • Check out Alondra Sánchez’s presentation to get an overview of the President role:

Run President’s Distinguished Club

  • You are the face of Tragicomedy Toastmasters.
  • Your overarching duty is to convert Toastmasters into officers.
  • The Vice President of Education is your partner in crime:
  • You often serve as the Presiding Officer who opens and closes club meetings.
  • Know the weekly agenda like the back of your hand so you can fill in as needed.

Recruit Club Officers

  • You cannot run the club alone.
  • Be on the lookout for members who show the potential of being club officers.
  • Empower your fellow club officers to contribute to the success of the club.

Help Everyone Succeed

  • From guests to members to dignitaries, everyone should feel like a valued participant.
  • Other club officers (especially the Vice Presidents) and meeting roles (especially the Toastmaster and the Table Topicsmaster) rely on you.
  • Identify your successor and help that person become the next President.
  • Upon completing your term as President, you become an Honorary Officer.

Our current President is Valerie Richardson. You can email Valerie at