Immediate Past President

As the Immediate Past President, you provide advice and counsel as requested by the President. You are expected to provide helpful, supportive leadership for all the club’s activities, and you will provide counsel to the other club officers in a manner that is conducive to club success when called upon. You are a member of the Club Executive Committee and can vote on any matter discussed. You show respect for all members, even when you do not agree with them, and provide leadership for all.

Check out Joseph Esler’s presentation to get an overview of the IPP role:

Support Senior Officers

  • Your overarching duty is to support the senior officers, especially the President and the Vice President of Education.
  • You attend club officer meetings, with the opportunity to vote on anything under discussion.

Improve Club

  • You often serve as the General Evaluator during regular club meetings.
  • Help everyone succeed in their roles.

Our current Immediate Past President is Alondra Sánchez, EH5, CC, CL. You can email Alondra at